How to apply

Get in touch with our local Coffee Expert and send an email including the following:

  • 1. Your CV: tell us about your coffee journey.
  • 2. Your Craft in Action: impress us with your expertise in two short videos*
    • Latte Art: Pour your creativity into a cup
    • Espresso: Showcase the art of the perfect espresso

*Please make sure to keep each video under 5MB for easy evaluation. 

Jeroen Clauwers

Working in the coffee world in Belgium for over 25 years.
Started as barista for brand promoting Italian coffee and became passionate about coffee by participating in national SCAE barista competitions in 2005-2006-2007 and Latte art in 2006-2007-2008.
Later as technical and sensory judge in 2009-2010. To pass on my passion and know-how I became coffee and barista trainer in 2004 for Italian coffee in Belgium and since 2019 for Vergnano caffé. These days responsible for the development of Vergnano in Belgium through tastings, training, demonstrations, mobile APE coffee bar on events and on-site quality checks.
Guiding new coffee customers, creating new coffee drinks, analysing coffee menus and inventing seasonal suggestions.

The stage is set, now it's your move.

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