How to apply

Get in touch with our local Coffee Expert and send an email including the following:

  • 1. Your CV: tell us about your coffee journey.
  • 2. Your Craft in Action: impress us with your expertise in two short videos*
    • Latte Art: Pour your creativity into a cup
    • Espresso: Showcase the art of the perfect espresso

*Please make sure to keep each video under 5MB for easy evaluation. 

Cezara Cartes

15 years coffee experience
National Champion and World Vice Champion Cezve Ibrik `23
Voted Best Barista @ BRIFT ’23 and Horeca ’17
National Barista Champion `15
WCE and local competitions judge
SCA Romania Chapter coordinator 19

The stage is set, now it's your move.

Send your application to the email below and take the chance to show your skills in a global competition.