How to apply

Get in touch with our local Coffee Expert and send an email including the following:

  • 1. Your CV: tell us about your coffee journey.
  • 2. Your Craft in Action: impress us with your expertise in two short videos*
    • Latte Art: Pour your creativity into a cup
    • Espresso: Showcase the art of the perfect espresso

*Please make sure to keep each video under 5MB for easy evaluation. 

Anna Oleksak

21 years experience in coffee industry
Certified Q Arabica & Grader
Certified WCE judge (WBC, WBrC, WLAC, WCIGS, WCRC) & WCE representative.

The stage is set, now it's your move.

Send your application to the email below and take the chance to show your skills in a global competition.